School of Informatics: Natural Language Understanding


The assessment on this course will consist of:
  1. Two assessed assignments, worth 30% of the course mark (i.e., 15% each).
  2. A final exam (120 minutes), worth 70% of the course mark.
Please see the assignment page for details on the assignments. See below for details on the exam.


Throughout the course, students will receive feedback on their performance:

Exam Information

This course will be examined at the end of the semester with a 120 min closed-book exam, no calculators allowed. The rubric of the exam will be as follows: Answer question 1 and one other question. Question 1 is compulsory. For the exam date, please check here.

Have a look at the past exam papers for this course, bearing in mind that the syllabus changes somewhat from year to year. (This course previously ran in 2009/10, 2011/12, 2013/14, 2014/15, and 2015/16. Note however that the course content was revised substantially for 2015/16.)

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