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Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (MLPR), Autumn 2019

Machine learning is about developing algorithms that adapt their behaviour to data, to provide useful representations or make predictions. This course is for those wanting to research and develop machine learning methods in future. Those who want a more practical course, focussing more on using methods, should consider taking IAML (MSc INFR11182; UG INFR10069) instead. Informatics’ MSc handbook has more advice on choosing machine learning courses.

Please take the class survey.

Lecturers: Iain Murray and Arno Onken
Lectures (schedule from now on):
Tuesday 9:00–9:50am: Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 5
Wednesday 9:00–9:50am: David Hume Tower LTs, the LT A
Thursday Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 5
ML-Base: meet other ML students and get help. More details here.
Office hour: Thursdays 5-6pm in ML-Base until 21 November.
Expected lecture dates: 2019-09-17 to 2019-11-21.
Exam diet: December (more info).

If you want to ‘audit’ the class (take it not for credit), you don’t need to ask. All the materials are on this site, including how to self-enroll to a Learn page that will give you access to the lecture recordings. It’s not possible to attend tutorials or get work marked unless you are fully enrolled to take the class for credit (including the exam).


Please take the class survey.

2019-10-29: Assignment 2 pairs have been confirmed. You're advised to get this assignment out of the way soon, well in advance of the deadline (when you may have other things due).

2019-10-25: Tutorial 6 is out for week 8 (21 Oct). Do tutorial 5 first! Answers for tutorial 3 have also been released.

2019-09-15: Opened the forum.

2019-09-15: Created ML-Base webpage.

Archive of all news.

Course materials

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MLPR’s DRPS catalogue page.

MLPR’s 2019/20 LEARN page.

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