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MLPR news archive, Autumn 2018

2018-11-19: Those enrolled on the class, please take the class survey. This one is viewed more broadly by the School and future prospective students.

2018-11-18: Exam preparation advice (alternative EASE link).

2018-11-15: Released tutorial 7 answers. (Tutorial 7 was the last tutorial.)

2018-11-08: Released tutorial 6 answers.

2018-11-01: Released tutorial 5 answers, and tutorial 7 (the last tutorial sheet) for the week after the coming week. Do tutorial 6 first!

2018-10-29: Released tutorial 6 questions.

2018-10-25: Released tutorial 4 answers.

2018-10-23: Assignment 2 released.

2018-10-20: Released tutorial 3 answers, and tutorial 5 for the week after the coming week (do tutorial 4 first!).

2018-10-12: Released tutorial 2 answers, and tutorial 4 for the week after next (do tutorial 3 first!).

2018-10-07: ML-Base, Monday–Friday 5–6pm in AT-7.03 (the InfBase room). Drop in to meet other people studying MLPR, MLP, or IAML, and work on the courses together. If you can't resolve problems, a tutor will be circulating to advise.

2018-10-07: The third tutorial sheet is now up for tutorials next week. Do the second sheet for this week first! Answers to the second sheet will be released at the end of the week.

2018-09-30: The second tutorial sheet is now up for tutorials next week. Do the first sheet first! Answers to the first sheet will be released at the end of the week.

2018-09-26: Make sure you're reading your email, and have signed up for a tutorial group following the instructions.

2018-09-22: The first tutorial sheet for discussion next week has been released. Tutorial schedule hasn't been finalized yet. Thanks for your patience.

2018-09-15: The first assignment is out. Also remember to study for and attend the tutorials.

2018-09-10: Refreshed web-pages for new session. Tutorials will start in week 3, expect sign-up to happen in week 2.

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