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This class uses Nota Bene (NB) as its "forum". The class notes from this website are also available through NB. You can draw a box around any part of the notes and add a question or comment. The lecturer, or anyone else in the class, can add answers or follow-up questions. I am happy to make sure that all questions on NB do get answered. And will use this feedback to gauge what to go over again in lectures.

Signup to the forum. Please signup to the forum here.

Please use your real name, and preferably your email address. After logging in you will be able see all the class materials via

Past experience suggests that those that use NB get a lot out of it. I am happy to expand notes, or provide additional pointers, where people engage with the class using NB. If you don't like the notes, don't wait to the end of the year to put a grumble in a survey. Here's something you can do about it now!

NB is a slightly clunky system, but it is functional. The system itself is maintained by a group at MIT, so please pass feature requests or bug reports to them rather than the lecturer of this course.

(Iain Murray introduced me to NB when he used it on his courses.)

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