MInf Project (Part 1)

The MInf Project (Part 1) is similar in many respects to the Honours Project, so please consult the projects website for all essential information. This page describes only relevant differences.

The MInf Project (Part 1) is a course that is taken by MInf students in Year 4 and consists of the first part of the project, with the second part taken in Year 5. In this course, you begin your project, write a comprehensive report, and give an oral presentation of your work. During this year you produce a project that is essentially self contained but allows for planned extra work and extensions to existing work in the fifth year. It is therefore recognised that your project is likely to contain a larger planning component than is the case for many UG4 projects. It is also understood that as part of this planning you might decide to defer certain aspects for the fifth year; such decisions should be discussed and justified in your report.

For the relationship between the MInf project and the MInf degree, see the DRPS page.

Any questions or comments should be emailed to the Honours Project Coordinator at ug-project-mgrthe letter a with a circle around ited.ac.uk.

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