Multi-agent Semantic Web Systems

Multi-agent Semantic Web Systems is a Level 10 and Level 11 course given in Semester 2.

The Semantic Web has been held up as an extension of the current Web by Tim Berners-Lee. According to this vision, the Web becomes a universal medium for data, information, and knowledge. For this to happen, Web content needs to be expressed in a form where it can be processed intelligently by software agents.

Some aspects of the Semantic Web have already been developed as specifications and implementations. Other parts are still highly speculative or too challenging to solve yet, but are the subject of considerable research and experimentation. As well as addressing techniques for representing information on the Web, we need to consider techniques for allowing agents to cooperate in using this information, and here we draw on techniques and results from agent-based systems.

Lecture Schedule

Lectures are held on Mondays and Thursdays at 12:10 pm – 1.00 pm, in Lecture Theatre 183, Old College. Lectures start on Monday of Week 1 (13th January) of Semester 2.

Week Date Topic Handout Reading
Week 1 13/01 1 Introduction Slides
16/01 2 Ontologies Slides
Week 2 20/01 3 Ontological Representation Slides
23/01 4 Metadata Slides
Week 3 27/01 5 RDF Models Slides
30/01 6 RDF Data Structures Slides
Week 4 03/02 7 RDFS Slides
06/02 8 Query: SPARQL + SQL Slides
Week 5 10/02 9 Linked open data Slides
13/02 10 Description Logics, OWL Slides
17/02 Innovative Learning Week
20/02 Innovative Learning Week
Week 7 24/02 11 Ontology Matching Slides
27/02 12 The programmable Web Slides
Week 8 03/03 13 Web services (1) Slides
06/03 14 Web Services (2) Slides
Week 9 10/03 15 Agency Slides
13/03 16 Agent Coordination (1) Slides
Week 10 17/03 Guest lecture
20/03 17 Agent coordination (2) Slides
Week 11 24/03 18 Revision Slides
27/03 No lecture


Course Information


There will be two pieces of coursework. The total worth of the coursework is 30%. The final draft of the coursework assignments can be found at the following link: [HTML].

Dave Robertson

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