Introduction to Vision and Robotics - Inverted Classroom Advice

Introduction: The expectation is that you take more control of your education in this course. There are no lectures in the traditional sense. Instead, we have pre-recorded 25 short videos (10-20 minutes each) on different topics. You are to watch the videos in your own time (about 2 hours/week).

There are several main topics and the videos for each topic are intended to be watched in a particular order. However, the topics can largely be watched in any order. There are cross references from one topic to others.

Using the materials: Each topic has a set of subtopics in a suggested order. You can get to the topic by clicking on one of the "View details" links. On the page for each of the topics, there are links to the subtopics. You can expose these by clicking on the topic name. Each subtopic has potentially 5 resources:

  1. PDF: There are 3 PDF files. The first file is a full size set of the slides that are used in the video. The second file is a 4 slide to a page version. The third set generally has an unfilled box on each content slide. The idea is that you fill in the box while listening to the video; writing helps you remember the concept. The 4-to-a-page format is to save paper if you decide to print the file.
  2. Topic Cross References: links to other subtopics that will help you understand the content of this topic.
  3. Review question + answer: A question based on the material presented in this subtopic that helps you better understand the material. A brief answer to the question is given
  4. Video: A video explaining the content. It should be playable inline by clicking on the video, or the video can be downloaded in 3 different formats. Note the file sizes.
  5. References/Examples/Online: Other resources that will help you understand the topic, and also additional topics.

Timing: The topics are given a planned order and the main course web page has suggested a set of subtopics to be covered each week. You are expected to have watched the videos for that week before the class slot, which will be used as a time for questions and discussion on that content.

The order and timing of the topics is chosen so that you will have covered the materials needed for the practicals in time.

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