Informatics Research Methodologies

Literature Survey

Each student must prepare a literature survey on some topic in Artificial Intelligence. The topic will be chosen to reflect the student's interests. The first tutorial is about selecting your literature survey topic. Some suggestions for survey topics can be found here, but you are not restricted to these.

The survey should be based on between 10 to 30 papers. Students are not expected to read all these papers in detail; in fact, one of the skills to be learnt is the ability to read papers at different depths. Students will be expected to locate the key papers and read them in detail and to get a general enough idea of the contents of the other papers to place them in context.

The literature survey is an assessable component of the module carrying 40% of the total mark. Between 15 and 30 hours are allocated to it. The mark will be based on the written report which should be submitted electronically by 5pm on Sunday of week 10 as a postscript file.

  submit {aimsc,ai4} airm 1 <filename> <time spent>
A copy with feedback and a mark will be returned by Monday of week 1, term 2. Note that the mark awarded is provisional and must be confirmed by the Board of Examiners.

Skills to be Developed

The literature survey is designed to help you develop the following skills:

The Structure of your Report

The literature survey should be about 10-20 pages in length and cover the following points:

Alan Bundy