Informatics 1: Object Oriented Programming

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Course Description

Official course descriptor.

Summary: This course presents a conceptual and practical introduction to imperative and object oriented programming, exemplified by Java. As well as providing a grounding in the use of Java, the course will cover general principles of programming in an imperative object oriented paradigm. The course should enable you to develop programs that support experimentation, simulation and exploration in other parts of the Informatics curriculum (e.g. the capacity to implement, test and observe a particular algorithm).

Philosophy: Students on this course have a very wide range of backgrounds: some are already expert programmers, others near-beginners. Moreover students going on to an Informatics degree will all need far more Java expertise than a 10pt course can provide, and more expertise will make your lives easier! Therefore this course is designed to be very flexible, giving you the opportunity and responsibility to make optimal use of your time. The main way to learn programming is by doing it. For this reason there is only one lecture per week, so you can spend more time practising.

An old Introductory video still provides a useful introduction to the course.

What to Do

Each week you should normally:

Who to Contact

For almost everything. Including all questions about the labs, lectures, tutorials or exams. You do not need to post publicly if you prefer to have a private discussion with one of the course instructors. This year's Piazza entry is registered for the winter term 2018 and not for the spring term as done in previous years.
Informatics Teaching Organisation
If you have trouble attending the exam or questions about the date and time. If you want to change assigned labs or tutorials.
Student portal
Lab and tutorial signup.
Computing Support
For problems with your DICE machines, wifi, email or remote access.
During the office hours or after a lecture with any questions regarding course material or course organisation you would like to discuss in person.
Your Course Tutor
During the tutorial with any questions regarding course material.
Your Lab Demonstrator
During the lab with any questions regarding the lab exercises or related practical issues.
Lecturer: Volker Seeker
Office: Appleton Tower, Room 3.06/07
Office Hours: Thursdays 15:00 - 16:00 (during term time)
E-mail: volker dot seeker at ed dot ac dot uk (but please use Piazza or my office hours)

TA: Naums Mogers
E-mail: naums dot mogers at ed dot ac dot uk


Lecture Recordings

All lectures are recorded using the Media Hopper Replay system. You can access all recordings via the Inf1-OP entry on your LEARN platform.


The recommended book for the course is The Java Tutorial: A Short Course on the Basics, Addison-Wesley, 6th Edition. It's not all that short: it contains far more than is needed for this course, and would be a good resource for the rest of an Informatics degree, too. If you expect to go beyond the basic syllabus of this course, this book is strongly recommended. It is available in the library both on paper and electronically. Book choice is very personal, however, and you may use any book you like, or none.

Mailing List

Announcements regarding the course will be posted to the course mailing list. All students taking the course are automatically subscribed to this list. Previous postings can be accessed using the mailing list archive.

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