2012 Inf1–FP Programming Competition Entries

If you wish to run the examples, you will sometimes need to compile the code. To do this, you should compile the file containing a definition for main using the ghc --make FILE command.

This year's competition is sponsored by Galois:

"Galois researches, designs and develops high assurance technologies for security-critical systems, networks and applications. Armed with an engineering staff that includes many of the top language and semantics researchers in the world, we use cutting-edge mathematically-based programming techniques to address our clients' toughest information sharing challenges."

Galois writes almost all of its code in Haskell, and provides much support for the Haskell community. For more information, see Functional Programming in the Real World.
Teodor Marinov
Steiner chains and Soddy's Hexlet
1st Place
Andrius Ziukas
Ray traced Cornell Box.
2nd Place
Edvinas Jaras
Animated 3D fractal cube pyramid
2nd Place
Lewis Crawford
Ray traced Mandelbox fractal
2nd Place
Buddahbrot fractals
3rd Place
Julia set fractals
3rd Place
Mandelbulb fractal

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