Inf1-CG Assignment 2 general feedback and advice

Choice of review materials

Most people did not have a problem with this, and chose relevant papers. Many of you even used additional references to provide more information about prosopagnosia, face inversion, expert object recognition, etc. This is great! A few people tried to use textbooks or review papers-- these are not original sources and thus not an appropriate choice. Look this up if you need clarification about what is and is not an original source. However, sources like textbooks or encyclopedia articles are great for providing background information, such as “what is visual agnosia?” and you should feel free to use them in that way.

Content and organisation (in rough order of importance)

1. Putting the ‘review’ in research review

2. When you get to a key point or piece of information, such as a hypothesis or critical finding, some of you tend to quote the authors directly rather than re-stating these points in your own words with a subsequent citation (paraphrasing).

3. What actually happened in the experiment?

4. Overall flow of your paper

5. Introductions

6. Conclusions

7. Transitions

Writing style and mechanics (in rough order of importance)

1. Reference and comparison words

2. Pronoun use and abuse:

3. Defining key terms:

4. Use of the word “proved” in relation to a hypothesis or theory

5. Titles are a necessity, not a formality.

6. Terminology related to participant groups

7. General style notes