Human Communication 1

Timetable of lectures, Syllabus and Slides 10/11

(updated 22nd March 2011)


We include the slides used in lectures here for you to review and perhaps print out. Please note: The lecturers may change the slides up until the day of the lecture. The overall content will stay the same, however.

Also please note that clicking on the date will take you to the list of sections in the course notes that you should read for that week.

Lecture times/places:        Mondays at 3 - 3.50pm, AT room 2.12 (but in room FRN, David Hume Tower in week 1 only);
                                            Tuesday and Thursday 2pm-- 2.50pm, William Robertson Building, Room G.04(both days),

will be held on Monday 2 - 2.50pm (NOT 4.10 - 5pm) and Tuesday at 3 - 3.50pm, both in room 3.03  Appleton Tower. Tutorials will start in week 2. See the tutorial list on the course home page for which group you are assigned to.

The slides for the lectures are in pdf.

Week Begin
Monday 3pm AT 2.12
(week 1 only - DHT FRN)
Tuesday 2pm WRB G.04 Thursday 2pm WRB G.04 Tutorial
Assignment out
Assignment Due
10 Jan
 (to read)
1 Intro and examples (HP)
Lecture cancelled
Analogies for Communication; Levels of Representation (HP)

17 Jan
 (to read)
2 Historical Setting, ELIZA and Turing Test (JL)
Simple Grammars: Insults and Poems (HP) Grammar Intro (MG) Tut 1
Thurs 20th Jan

24 Jan
 (to read)
3 Grammar Based Models (MG) Modularity and Unification (MG)
Language Controlled Calculator (MG) Tut 2

31 Jan (to read) 4 Statistical Language Models (MG)
10. Language Acquisition (JL)
13. Methods (HP)
Tut 3

7 Feb (to read) 5 11. Language Acquisition (JL)
12. Language Acquisition (JL) 16. Ambiguity (JL)
Tut 4
Thurs 10th Feb
12 noon, Mon 7th Feb
14 Feb
 (to read)
6 23. Discourse (JL)
18. Propaganda and advertising (JL) 14. Methods (HP)
Tut 5

21 Feb
 (to read)
7 15. Methods (HP)
19. Methods (HP) 24. Interpreting in uncertainty (HP)
Tut 6

28 Feb
 (to read)
8 20. Dialogue (JL)
21. Dialogue (JL)
22. Dialogue (MG)
Tut 7 Assign3:
Thurs 3rd Mar
12 noon, Mon 28th Feb
7 March
 (to read)
9 17. Computation and Representation (JL) 25. Graphical communication (JL) 26. Non-verbal communication (JL) Tut 8

14 March
 (to read)
10 27. Social communication (JL) 28. Revision (JL)

Tut 9

21 March
(to read)
11 30. 31. 32. Tut 10
12 noon, Thurs 24th Mar

Lecture topic

Introduction and examples
1. Intro and examples 2. Analogies for Communication; Levels of Representation
3. Historical Setting, ELIZA and Turing Test
4. Simple Grammars: Insults and Poems
Language Models
5. Grammar Intro
6. Grammar Based Models
7. Modularity and Unification
8. Language Controlled Calculator
Language Acquisition
10. Language Acquisition 11. Language Acquisition 12a. Language Acquisition
13. Methods 14. Methods 15. Methods 19. Methods
16. Ambiguity 17. Ambiguity 18. Propaganda and advertising
Dialogue and Discourse
20. Dialogue: Intro
21. Dialogue Annotation
22. Dialogue: creating a corpus
23. Discourse and Grice's Maxims
Other Topics
24. Interpreting in uncertainty 25. Graphical communication 26. Non-verbal communication 28. Social communication
29. Revision

Course team

Lecturers Tutors
Helen Pain
Johanna Moore
Kendal Reid
John Lee
Helen Pain
Marcus Guhe

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