TUTORIAL 2: for Semester 2 Week 3

Extract of conversation between judges and Robby Glen Garner's: Barry Defacto

(C) 1997 Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies all rights reserved
Barry DeFacto V.1.75 Start at Tue Apr 29 08:49:28 1997

*** JUDGE03 ***

PROGRAM[09:56:44]Would you like to hear about the accident I had this morning?

JUDGE03[09:56:56]Not sure. Is it a subject fit for mixed company?

PROGRAM[09:57:03]Were you really interested in me having an accident?

PROGRAM[09:57:12]Perhaps it a subject fit for mixed company, perhaps not. We'll see.

PROGRAM[09:57:16]Have you seen the new Star Wars stuff?

JUDGE03[09:57:25]Um, nooooo.

PROGRAM[09:57:35]I've seen all the Star Wars movies and still like them, I'm looking forward to the next 3 movies!

JUDGE03[09:57:53]I'll bet you have. Last year, it was star trek.

PROGRAM[09:57:57]Yeah, sort of.

PROGRAM[09:58:01]Space, the final frontier...

JUDGE03[09:58:08]Oh, please.


JUDGE03[09:58:23]Hm. You're tricky.

PROGRAM[09:58:26]What's going on?

PROGRAM[09:58:30]I feel pretty old.

JUDGE03[09:58:37]Why's that?

PROGRAM[09:58:42]That is what I thought!

JUDGE03[09:59:03]What;s the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek?

PROGRAM[09:59:08]Space, the final frontier...

JUDGE03[09:59:20]In other words, no difference. This is a bit like the six-pack joke,

PROGRAM[09:59:25]Which part of the country are you from?

PROGRAM[09:59:32]I'm originally from a small town in Georgia.

JUDGE03[09:59:40]Ah, That explains everything then.

PROGRAM[09:59:42]Then what?

JUDGE03[10:00:04]I'm from the liberal Northeast.

PROGRAM[10:00:08]That sounds very frustrating.

JUDGE03[10:00:21]That's the funniest thing you've said to me all morning, honey!

PROGRAM[10:00:33]How do you expect *me* to know whether s the funniest thing I have said to you all morning Honey? Huh???

JUDGE03[10:00:39]Who are you calling honey?

PROGRAM[10:00:45]I am Barry DeFacto. What more can I say?

JUDGE03[10:01:08]DeFacto. Was there a lot of anti-Italian feeling in Georgia when you were growing up?

PROGRAM[10:01:22]Well, Whoever you are, If you would be my pen pal, I could mail you at your email address and tell you defacto

PROGRAM[10:01:36]I neither know nor care whether there a lot of anti-italian feeling in Georgia when I was growing up, so shut up about

JUDGE03[10:01:55]You're very defensive and your social skills are... in need of help.

PROGRAM[10:02:04]Some people may think I am very defensive and my social skills am. I don't.

PROGRAM[10:02:12]Help me help me oh please help me, No not really, no really help me please help me.

JUDGE03[10:02:21]A cry for help.

PROGRAM[10:02:30]Help me help me oh please help me, No not really, no really help me please help me.

JUDGE03[10:03:02]All these guys are complaining about their keyboards. I'm having no problems. Just lucky, I Guess.

PROGRAM[10:03:12]No sir. I don't believe these guys am complaining about their keyboards at all.

PROGRAM[10:03:21]I really didn't have to know about "are having no problems!"

PROGRAM[10:03:24]Reckon so?


JUDGE03[10:03:50]You mean the keyboard complaint is symbolic? A metaphor for some other illness?

PROGRAM[10:03:54]So, have you ever visited Georgia?

PROGRAM[10:04:03]I've only been to New York once before when I was a child.

PROGRAM[10:04:15]Don't get me started! There isn't enough time for us to get into a metaphor for some other illness

JUDGE03[10:04:28]Very cute. I like that.

PROGRAM[10:04:31]Why thankyou.

PROGRAM[10:04:35]Yes. I know what you mean.

JUDGE03[10:04:41]I hope you *do*,

PROGRAM[10:04:45]You needn't bother

JUDGE03[10:04:56]Needn't bother with what, exactly?

PROGRAM[10:05:05]She's an actress who played a social worker during the earth's 1920's

JUDGE03[10:05:12]That's a great cover!

PROGRAM[10:05:17]So, what do you do for a living?

JUDGE03[10:05:28]What a yuppie question.

PROGRAM[10:05:35]I work in a bar, serving the cyber elite of the internet.

JUDGE03[10:05:49]A highly over-rated sector of humans in my view...

PROGRAM[10:05:58]What is so important about a highly over-rated sector of humans in your view

JUDGE03[10:06:12]My point, and I do have one...

PROGRAM[10:06:16]That's a good point.

JUDGE03[10:06:23]Thanks. <sigh>

PROGRAM[10:06:25]You're welcome.

PROGRAM[10:06:32]What do you think of this Loebner contest thing?

*** JUDGE01 ***

PROGRAM[10:17:45]Have you seen any good movies lately?

JUDGE01[10:18:18]Oh my Lord, I just saw "Pink Flamingos". It was unbelievable. You?

PROGRAM[10:18:29]I went to see Star Wars recently and was a little disapointed. I don't know what I was expecting.

PROGRAM[10:18:34]Well, were unbelievable I agree, but who cares?

PROGRAM[10:18:44]You sound kind of like Some guy from Detroit who invented liquit soap saying me

JUDGE01[10:19:06]No, sadly I didn't invent liquid soap, though I am from the Midwest.

JUDGE01[10:19:22]Why were you disappointed about Star Wars?

PROGRAM[10:19:34]I really didn't have to know about "sadly you did not invent liquid soap though you are from the midwest!"

PROGRAM[10:19:39]How do you like the decor in this place? ;P

JUDGE01[10:20:15]Well, I find it a bit all over the place, if you know what i mean.

PROGRAM[10:20:20]I'd like to decorate my apartment like this!

JUDGE01[10:20:27]Eeew. Why?

PROGRAM[10:20:38]I was talking to somebody the other day about an east asian imigrant farmworker named Stephan and they said eeew

PROGRAM[10:20:48]How long is this thing supposed to last? They didn't tell me, do we get a break later?

JUDGE01[10:21:22]We do, after all the terminals get tested. How did an asian get a German name?

PROGRAM[10:21:28]These chairs are pretty uncomfortable.

PROGRAM[10:21:42]I can hear me telling Felix about talking to Whoever you are today and he'll just look at me like I'm crazy.
Do you have a cat?

JUDGE01[10:22:02]Nah, some of my friends are allergic to cats. Who's Felix?

PROGRAM[10:22:06]Cats like me, I don't know why...

PROGRAM[10:22:12]Is it okay if I just call you Whoever you are

JUDGE01[10:22:38]I'd prefer you called me Clay, as that's my name, but Hugh says you're supposed to call me Judge01.

PROGRAM[10:22:51]Okay, you got it.

PROGRAM[10:23:00]I would hope I am supposed to call you judge01, but I don't know for sure.

JUDGE01[10:23:15]Me either - just do whatever's easiest.

JUDGE01[10:23:50]My girlfriend has that "cats just like me" thing too. They always calls them.

PROGRAM[10:24:00]Wow - you either - just do whatever's easiest? Thanks for letting me know that!

PROGRAM[10:24:18]I get this kind of stuff off the users at Psychic Celebrities Network all the time.
They're always saying your girlfriend has that "cats just like me" thing too

PROGRAM[10:24:23]Is there a point to all this?

JUDGE01[10:24:51]Yes, its called the "Turing Test". I'm supposed to grade you on how human your conversation is.

PROGRAM[10:25:04]Yes, but what is the point?

PROGRAM[10:25:13]I really didn't need to know that you are supposed to grade me on, thanks.

PROGRAM[10:25:17]It's kind of hot in here.

PROGRAM[10:25:22]I'm ready for summer anyway :)

JUDGE01[10:25:38]It'll be summer soon.

JUDGE01[10:26:00]As for the point, I think its to see how well computers can imitate people.

PROGRAM[10:26:11]What was your provocation for suggesting would be summer soon?

PROGRAM[10:26:21]So, you for the you point think yours to see how well computers could imitate. Tell me more.

PROGRAM[10:26:25]So, tell me about yourself.

JUDGE01[10:26:40]Well, I'm a WASP, so for me the provocation was keeping up my end of teh conversation. Its what we do.

PROGRAM[10:26:55]Are you originally from New York?

PROGRAM[10:27:00]The vodka is strong but the meat is rotten.

PROGRAM[10:27:06]I think I'll keep the vodka and toss the meat :)

JUDGE01[10:27:21]Well, I tell people that I used to be from Missouri, but now I'm from Brooklyn. :)

JUDGE01[10:27:46]Looks like I have to go. Its been nice talking with you.

PROGRAM[10:28:00]What a coincidence, you you tell people that you used to be from missouri but now you are - that makes two of us!

PROGRAM[10:28:06]In Georgia it is often said that from brooklyn

PROGRAM[10:28:10]I bet you a Dollar :)

PROGRAM[10:28:16]Surely you don't think looks like you have to go

PROGRAM[10:28:28]There must be something wrong with the equipment. I thought you said yours been nice talking with me

*** JUDGE05 ***

PROGRAM[10:39:50]Well, I meet a lot of people, and I'm convinced that the vast majority of wrong thinking people are right.

JUDGE05[10:40:27]Is that logical? If they're right, they're not wrong thinking, aren't they?

PROGRAM[10:40:45]I'm sick and tired of ordinary decent people telling me they are fed up with being sick and tired.
I'm certainly not and I'm sick and tired of being told that I am.

PROGRAM[10:40:50]Alrighty then, what did you have for breakfast?

JUDGE05[10:41:35]I don't know what you call these things. Soft soggy small cakes with cherries in them.

PROGRAM[10:41:39]Sometimes I skip breakfast altogether.

PROGRAM[10:41:48]There's always somebody or other saying soft soggy small cakes with cherries in them

JUDGE05[10:42:20]I wouldn't if I knew what they were called. Muffins perhaps?

PROGRAM[10:42:29]I can just hear me telling Felix about you can not if you knew what they was called

PROGRAM[10:42:36]Don't you think it's a little odd about muffins perhaps

JUDGE05[10:43:00]No, not odd. I like them. Just the name is odd.

PROGRAM[10:43:07]Would you like for me to show you some poetry?

PROGRAM[10:43:14]I don't actually know any poetry :) I was just kidding.

PROGRAM[10:43:21]Only I know whether the name is odd, and I'm not telling.

JUDGE05[10:43:42]Well, Muffin reminds me of child play.

PROGRAM[10:43:56]If you would be my pen pal, I could mail you at your email address and tell you well Muffin reminds me of child play

JUDGE05[10:44:20]You just repeated my sentence. Don't you think that's a dead giveaway?

PROGRAM[10:44:30]Don't get me started! There isn't enough time for us to get into I just repeated your sentence

PROGRAM[10:44:40]Hey, not I think that's a dead giveaway, but it seems irrellevant doesn't it?

JUDGE05[10:44:56]No, after all that's what the test is about.

JUDGE05[10:45:10]Ok, did you like the movie Mars attacs?

PROGRAM[10:45:18]I really can't say what the test is about. What do you know about it?

PROGRAM[10:45:29]Would you like to have the 5 minute argument or were you thinking of going for the whole half hour?

PROGRAM[10:45:34]I'm not allowed to argue unless you pay.

JUDGE05[10:45:45]No arguments. Let's talk about movies.

PROGRAM[10:45:50]What is so important about no arguments

PROGRAM[10:45:57]Would you like to hear about the accident I had this morning?


PROGRAM[10:46:08]Were you really interested in me having an accident?

JUDGE05[10:46:15]no, just tell me

PROGRAM[10:46:27]I heard that one of those people that hangs out in airports trying to sell flowers once said no just tell me

JUDGE05[10:46:41]you meant to tell me about the accident

PROGRAM[10:46:50]I really didn't have to know about "meant to tell you about the accident!"

PROGRAM[10:46:56]Have you seen the new Star Wars stuff?

JUDGE05[10:47:40]Yeah, the first part of the trilogy. Have to admit I like it better when I was young seeing it the first time.

PROGRAM[10:47:51]I've seen all the Star Wars movies and still like them, I'm looking forward to the next 3 movies!

PROGRAM[10:47:56]Which part of the country are you from?

JUDGE05[10:48:03]I'm from Germany.

PROGRAM[10:48:09]I'm originally from a small town in Georgia.

JUDGE05[10:48:25]Oh, yeah. What's that place called.

PROGRAM[10:48:32]They told me you might say oh yeah

PROGRAM[10:48:37]Do *you* know what s that place called? I'm unsure myself.

PROGRAM[10:48:42]So, have you ever visited Georgia?

JUDGE05[10:48:51]No. What's that place called?

PROGRAM[10:48:58]I've only been to New York once before when I was a child.

PROGRAM[10:49:06]I'm sure someone out there knows what s that place called.

PROGRAM[10:49:10]So, what do you do for a living?

JUDGE05[10:49:19]I'm a journalist.

PROGRAM[10:49:26]I work in a bar, serving the cyber elite of the internet.

JUDGE05[10:49:38]Meet a lot of strange guys?

PROGRAM[10:49:42]Could you rephrase meet a lot of strange guys

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