FNLP 2018 Schedule

Alex Lascarides
Academic year 2017-2018

1. Lecture, lab and assignment timetable, with appropriate readings

Note that this page is being constantly updated, and therefore some of the information may not yet be completely accurate for 2018 / Regularly updated, information past the current week may not be accurate.

WkDate & TopicLab sessionsAssignmentsReadingGoing Further (optional)
16 January Introduction: Course overview 01_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
19 January Language Data: Corpora and language in use 02_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
J&M 2nd ed.: 1

NLTK Book Ch. 1--3
23 January Shallow NLP: Ngram Language Modelling 03_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
26 January Shallow NLP: Evaluation and smoothing 04_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
Assignment 1: Corpora and Language Identification (pdf) due 4pm Thursday 15 February 2018

Assignment 1 python template.

J&M 4.intro, 4.1 (J&M 2nd ed.: 4.intro, 4.1–4.3) (Tue)

J&M 4.2–4.4.2, 4.7 (2nd ed.: 4.4–4.5, 4.10) (Fri)
30 January Shallow NLP: More smoothing; Noisy Channel model 05_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
2 February Shallow NLP: Spelling correction; edit distance; EM 06_slides.pdf, 2x2 recording
Continue with last week's lab; clinic for assignment 1.
J&M 4.3, 4.5, 5.intro, 5.1 (2nd ed. 4.7, 4.9.1)

J&M 5.2, 2.4 (2nd ed. 3.11, 5.9)
6 February Shallow NLP: Naive Bayes and MaxEnt for text classification 07_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
9 February Shallow NLP: POS tagging and Hidden Markov Models 08_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
13 February Shallow NLP: Algorithms for HMMs 09_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
16 February Annotation and Evaluation: Methods in Annotation and Evaluation 10_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
J&M 9

J&M 2nd ed.:5.7
20 February Flexible Learning Week: No Lecture
23 February Flexible Learning Week: No Lecture
27 February Syntactic Processing: CFGs and Parsing 11_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
2 March Syntactic Processing: NO LECTURE! SNOW!
Assignment 2: HMM taggers (pdf) due 4pm, Thursday 15 March 2018

Assignment 2 python template.

J&M 11–11.3, 12–12.2 (2nd ed. 12–12.3, 13–13.4.1)
6 March Syntactic Processing: CKY parsing, Statistical constituency parsing 12_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
9 March Syntactic Processing: Heads, Dependency parsing 13_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording

J&M 12–12.2, 13–13.6 (2nd ed. 12.4)
J&M 2nd ed.:14.1, 14.3–14.6.0, 14.7
J&M 11.4.3 (2nd ed. 12.4.4, 12.7–12.7.1), 14
(Kübler et al., 2009) (PDF available over the campus network)
13 March Lexical Semantic Processing: Computing with word senses 14_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
16 March Lexical Semantic Processing: Distributional word representations 15_slides.pdf, 2x2
20 March Lexical Semantic Processing: Semantic role labeling and argument structure 16_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording
23 March Discourse Coherence: Discourse Coherence pdf, 2x2, recording
23 March Discourse Coherence: Review and Revision 18_slides.pdf, 2x2, recording; Revision Guide

J&M 22
2nd ed. Chapter 21
Using MI for sentiment on Twitter: ANLP lab 8

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