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MSc Project Timetable 2020/21

  • 7. December 2020: DPMT system opens for project proposals.
  • Friday, 15. Jan., 2021: Deadline for all project proposals (including self-proposed projects).
  • Wed, 20. Jan.: Students start to register interest in projects and meet with potential supervisors Supervisors mark interested students as suitable/unsuitable for projects.
  • Friday, 5. Feb. (5pm): Project selection phase ends. Supervisors have marked all interested students as either suitable or unsuitable. Each student has ranked interesting projects in order of preference and is marked suitable for at least 5 projects.
  • Tuesday, 9. Feb.: Project allocation begins. To be completed during the rest of the week.
  • Friday 19. Feb.: Project allocation announced to students.
  • Friday, 26. Feb.: Special cases processed. Deadline for changes to projects and supervisors.
  • 11:59 on Monday 10. May 2021: Final IPP Submission; See IPP page.
  • June 2021: Students start work on MSc projects, based on their IPP.
  • TBA July 2021: Stage 2 BoE officially makes progression decisions.
  • Friday, 9. July 2021 (deadline 4pm = 16:00): Submission of project progress reports. Here is the guide on how to submit and process the progress reports.
  • Friday, 13. August 2021: 12 noon deadline for submission of dissertation. Instructions.
  • Monday, 6. Sep. 2021: First and second markers complete their project marking. Instructions.
  • Friday, 10. Sep. 2021: First and second markers agree a mark for the project, or fail to agree a mark, and the supervisor fills in the agreed (or failure to agree) mark form.
  • Friday, 17. Sep. 2021: All project moderation complete.
  • TBA September: Stage 2 BoE make award decisions.
  • Oct: Final MSc Board of Examiners Meeting.