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MSc Project Progress Report Guide 2020/2021

Progress reports on your MSc projects are due on Friday, 9. July (deadline 4pm = 16:00).

Guide for students

The progress reports will NOT be graded: They are meant to be

The report should not be longer than 1-2 pages (exceptionally 3 pages, if you really need that much). It should specify: Send your progress report to your supervisor by email. (The supervisor will then forward it to the 2nd marker.)

Guide for supervisors

The supervisor gets the progress report from the student by email. The supervisor then forwards the report to the 2nd marker.

The 2nd marker communicates his/her comments/concerns (if any) only to the supervisor, not to the student. (If all is fine, then just say so.) Then the supervisor gives a brief joint feedback to the student.

(If a student hasn't provided a progress report, it's just a bad sign that you might want to follow up on when you meet with the student.)