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Extra guide for non-teaching research staff volunteers who want to supervise MSc projects.

In order to avoid confusion, here are some notes about research staff volunteers without teaching duties who would like to propose/supervise MSc projects.
  1. Since you have no teaching duties and supervise MSc projects as volunteers, the rules about the numbers of projects, slots and "easy" projects do not apply to you.
  2. All the other rules do apply to you. In particular, deadlines, marking, student assignment, etc.
  3. You can propose any number of projects you like, and of any degree of difficulty. By default, we assume that if you propose n projects then you are willing to supervise up-to n students. Otherwise, please let us know how many students you are willing to supervise (e.g., if you propose a project with multiple slots). We'll set your supervisor capacity according to your wishes.
  4. Once the projects are proposed, student project selection works the same for you as for every other supervisor. In particular, you cannot expect to get a particular student. Any student who you have marked as "suitable" for your project may be assigned to you.
  5. You are fully responsible for supervising the student(s) who have been assigned to your project(s), just like for any other MSc supervisor with MSc teaching duties.