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Informatics MSc Projects: Notes on the COVID-19 situation

  1. Main university page on COVID-19
  2. Observe social distancing rules while working on MSc projects: Student-supervisor meetings done remotely. MSc projects that involve human participans need to be suitably updated.
  3. New ethics procedures in Informatics, which you will have to go through if your research project involves human participants or personal data, including social media and secondary data (by Peggy Series, as Chair of Informatics Ethics Committee):

    You will find a lot of information, as well as the online form to be used to submit your application for ethics approval here.

    Students will have to prepare and submit the form with their supervisor.

    There are also templates for: 1) participant information sheets and 2) consent forms that we ask you to use if your research involves human participants here.

    Of course, in-person data collection is not possible at this time - it can only be online. Please have a look at the recommendations regarding covid19 if you need to change an existing research project accordingly. See here.