CS0004 Computer Programming: Skills and Concepts (INF-1-CP1)
U01510 Computer Programming for Music Technology.

The course organiser is Mary Cryan, cp1co@inf.ed.ac.uk.

NEW!: Office hours for weeks 9, 10, 11 (finishing 2nd Dec):

Lecturers are Mary Cryan and Julian Bradfield.

The Class Rep (elected 18th October) is Jordan Rogers-Smith. Any students with questions/points-to-raise about the course are welcome to talk to him.

Lectures for 2010/11 take place in semester 1 as follows:

NEW: Practical 2 (I'm the operator) is out NOW!!

AUDIO: We are audio-recording the Thursday on the request of two students who have to miss and/or cut short these lectures.
The recordings are being saved in Julian's webspace here.


This is a predicted timetable of lectures. As with weather forecasting, the predictions are more reliable at shorter timescales :).

Lecture Day Date Who Title Slides    Notes     Code     Tutorial    
Week 1  
1 Monday 20/09/2010 Mary Introduction to CP1 sl1 sl1x4
2 Tuesday 21/09/2010 Mary The C Programming Language sl2 sl2x4, course guide
3 Thursday 23/09/2010 Mary The Informatics computing environment sl3 sl3x4, Unix, emacs
Week 2  
4 Monday 27/09/2010 Julian LAB 1pm-3pm, North and West labs, AT    
5 Tuesday 28/09/2010 Julian The C programming language: 2 sl4 sl4x4, lsd.c
6 Thursday 30/09/2010 Julian Variables; scanf; if sl5 sl5x4 max.c T-wk3.pdf
Week 3  
Monday 04/10/2010 2pm Practical 0 DUE  
Monday 04/10/2010 2pm Practical 1 OUT prac1.pdf prac1.tar
7 Monday 04/10/2010 Mary float; double; quadratic equations sl6 sl6x4 code6.tar
8 Tuesday 05/10/2010 Mary Intro to Practical 1; error-checking with scanf sl7 sl7x4 sq.tar
9 Thursday 07/10/2010 Mary Loops; error-checking with scanf sl8 sl8x4 fib.c T-wk4.pdf
Week 4  
10 Monday 11/10/2010 Julian Practical Programming sl9 sl9x4
11 Tuesday 12/10/2010 Julian Functions sl10 sl10x4
12 Thursday 14/10/2010 Julian Parameters, &, * sl11 sl11x4 T-wk5.pdf
Week 5  
Monday 18/10/2010 2pm Coursework 1 DUE  
13 Monday 18/10/2010 Mary Case Study: coin changing sl12 sl12x4 coins.c
14 Tuesday 19/10/2010 Mary Structured data: Arrays sl13 sl13x4
Wednesday 20/10/2010 Practical 2 OUT prac2.pdf
15 Thursday 21/10/2010 Mary Simple character-by-character I/O sl14 sl14x4 T-wk6.pdf
Week 6  
16 Monday 25/10/2010 Julian Pattern matching with arrays; Bitwise operators sl15 sl15x4
15 Tuesday 26/10/2009 Julian Structured data: struct and enum. sl16 sl16x4
18 Thursday 28/10/2010 Mary Revision: (mostly) pointers, some 'switch' pointers.c T-wk7.pdf
Week 7  
19 Monday 01/11/2010 Mary Searching sl18 sl18x4 ss.tar
20 Tuesday 02/11/2010 Mary Sorting sl19 sl19-4 sort.tar
21 Thursday 04/11/2010 Mary Sorting II sl20 sl20x4 tutw8.tar T-wk8.pdf
Week 8  
Monday 8/11/2010 2pm Coursework 2 DUE  
22 Monday 8/11/2010 Julian Strings sl21 sl21x4 strLeqTest.c
Tuesday 09/11/2010 11am Practical 3 OUT prac3.pdf prac3.tar
23 Tuesday 09/11/2010 Julian Introduction to Practical 3 sl22 sl22x4
24 Thursday 11/11/2010 Julian Coin changing again; Booleans; Expressions and precedence sl23 sl23x4 coins2.c T-wk9.pdf
Week 9  
25 Monday 15/11/2010 Mary Libraries and separate compilation sl24 sl24x4
26 Tuesday 16/11/2010 Mary Recursion and flags sl25 sl25x4
27 Thursday 18/11/2010 Mary Files in C sl26 sl26x4 T-wk10.pdf
Week 10  
28 Monday 22/11/2010 Julian Programming languages: a discussion sl27 sl27x4
29 Tuesday 23/11/2010 Julian Stacks and Queues (in C) sl28 sl28x4 SQcode
30 Thursday 25/11/2010 Julian    
Week 11  
Monday 29/11/2010 2pm Coursework 3 DUE  
31 Monday 29/11/2010 Mary Revision (exam papers)  
32 Tuesday 30/11/2010 Mary Revision (exam papers)  

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