CNV: Feedback

Students will receive feedback of at least the following types:
Specific comments on assessed coursework:
Each item of coursework will be marked according to the criteria set out in the assignment, with marks allocated to each section and explanatory comments given where appropriate. Students receive an email for each assignment listing the overall mark, the mark for each section, and these overall comments.
General comments on assessed coursework:
Apart from the individual feedback, general feedback on the assignment is given to all students by email, discussing the problems that occurred in multiple submissions, how to interpret the overall results, and so on. This overall feedback is generally more detailed but less personalized.
Formative feedback:
As CNV is a small, research-oriented class, it is typically highly interactive, with ongoing clarification questions and often extended discussions during the lecture times. These discussions allow students to test their level of knowledge before the coursework is submitted and before the exams. Students are actively encouraged to raise any issues where the material or its implications are unclear, knowing that only the written submissions and exams will be assessed.

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