Regarding using Axiom with Windows, the most simple solution seems to me to use Docker. However, the newer installations of Docker requiring Windows 10 Professional, one needs to use the legacy Docker Toolbox ( This will install a few components including VirtualBox (if one already has VirtualBox installed, one should remove it before installing the Docker Toolbox, unless one wants the headache of trying to manually resolve dependencies post-installation). 

Next step is to run the Docker Quickstart Terminal (should be on one's Desktop after Docker Toolbox installation). This will setup Docker Toolbox automatically (takes about 5 minutes). 

Once that step has completed without hiccups, one should install Axiom from the Docker Quickstart Terminal using the following command:

docker pull daly/axiom

(about 250MB downloading/installation will happen at that point).

Then run Axiom using 

docker run -i -t daly/axiom axiom


docker run -i -t --security-opt seccomp=unconfined daly/axiom axiom

if the first command makes the terminal complain.