Advances in Programming Languages


Note: This page refers to a past version of the course. You can also consult the current APL course web pages.

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The examinable material for this course is the content of the lectures and their accompanying homework exercises.

The following will not be assessed in the examination:

The exam paper will follow the standard "choose two questions out of three" format.

Links: Past papers; Informatics exam setting and marking policy

Those who have already studied previous APL papers will know that they had a certain distinctive style: often involving a hapless programmer and his misunderstandings about language features. Sadly, Harry Håacker has now left the software business for a lucrative career as a motivational speaker, so for contractual reasons he cannot appear in this year's questions. However, the language issues that concerned (and confused) Harry remain; although the specific language features covered are different each year, the general form of past exam questions is a reasonable study guide.

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