The old server

Historical Interest Only: The following dates from around 2004., the legacy DCS web site, has been moved to a DICE managed machine. It continues to respond to requests, however, due to the technical differences between the old DCS world and the DICE world an identical service is not possible. Particular difficulties are the changes to PHP (ie from version 3 to version 4) and user owned CGI scripts.

The legacy content is available in the file system as /legacy/dcs/public/ which was equivalent to the old DCS path of /public/. At some date still to be agreed, this will become read only, as all new/active official Informatics content should be hosted on, and any personal pages on

Likely Pitfalls and Solutions

Some of the likely problems following the move from an old DCS Redhat 6.2 hosted service to the new DICE Fedora Core hosted service.

Redirecting to a new location

If you decide to move your content to the likes of (the preferred solution), rather than fixing it to work on, then you'll probably want to automatically redirect visitors to your old URL to the new location of your web pages. To do this you can use the Apache Redirect permanent or RewriteRule directives in a .htaccess file in your old www.dcs home page.

For most cases, where you blanket move all your files from /legacy/dcs/public/<legacy_username>/web/ to /public/homepages/<dice_username>/web/, then the following lines in a .htaccess file, should do the trick:

# Redirect all requests to my new homepage
Redirect permanent /home/legacy_username

This .htaccess file should be located at /legacy/dcs/public/<legacy_username>/web/.

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