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Please use this form to contact the Informatics Computing Support team.
Please FIRST check for an answer to your question.
Some services are run by the University (rather than the School of Informatics). For advice and help with these, contact the IS helpline.
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If you believe that the response to your request is inadequate then you can consider escalating the request using the procedure described here.

Your DICE username (This tells us about you. If you don't have a DICE username, please use the other form.)
Your computer's name/barcode (It's useful to give us the name of the machine that you were using when you encountered a problem. All DICE desktops and self-managed machines with fixed ip addresses should be clearly labelled. School laptops and self-managed desktops will have a barcode number. For servers, you can give us the name, alias or ip address. If the machine doesn't have a name or barcode, then enter something like laptop", "self-managed". If the ticket is not machine related, you can enter "n/a")
Alternative email address (Only supply alternative email if you cannot be contacted via your University one)

Please give as much detail below as possible. For example, when reporting problems,
error messages are especially helpful, as are dates and times. Thanks!


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More About the Support Form

When to contact Support

You can use this form to get in touch with the computing support staff:

Other Support Services

Detail of how to contact IS about issues with Central services can be found on the IS Help overview pages.

Filling in the form

We've cut down the amount of information that this form asks for, but we do need at least your username and your machine name, and of course your message.

Your DICE username: we need to know who you are, where you are and how to contact you. We use your Informatics "DICE" username to find out all this information from our LDAP directory service. You must enter a valid username here. If you're a student you should use "s" followed by your matric number.

Your computer's name/barcode number: even if it seems irrelevant, please tell us the name or barcode number of the machine that you're using now. Checking this with our inventory records usually allows us to find out about your computing environment and about where you are. If you're reporting a faulty computer put its name here instead.

Alternative email address: please only fill this in if you want us to reply to an address other than your standard University one.

Subject: A quick summary of the problem.

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Support in person

The Informatics Computing help tells you where to find us in person.

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