vos listaddrs - Displays all VLDB server entries


vos listaddrs [-cell <cell name>] [-noauth] [-localauth] [-verbose] [-help]

vos lista [-c <cell name>] [-n] [-l] [-v] [-h]


The vos listaddrs command displays all of the server entries from the Volume Location Database (VLDB). An entry is created as the File Server initializes and registers the contents of its /usr/afs/local/sysid file in the VLDB.


-cell <cell name>

Names the cell in which to run the command. Do not combine this argument with the -localauth flag. For more details, see vos(1).


Assigns the unprivileged identity anonymous to the issuer. Do not combine this flag with the -localauth flag. For more details, see vos(1).


Constructs a server ticket using a key from the local /usr/afs/etc/KeyFile file. The vos command interpreter presents it to the Volume Server and Volume Location Server during mutual authentication. Do not combine this flag with the -cell argument or -noauth flag. For more details, see vos(1).


Produces on the standard output stream a detailed trace of the command's execution. If this argument is omitted, only warnings and error messages appear.


Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


The output displays all server entries from the VLDB, each on its own line. If a file server machine is multihomed, all of its registered addresses appear on the line. The first one is the one reported as a volume's site in the output from the vos examine and vos listvldb commands.

The VLDB records IP addresses, and the command interpreter has the local name service (either a process like the Domain Name Service or a local host table) translate them to hostnames before displaying them. If an IP address appears in the output, it is not possible to translate it.

The existence of an entry does not necessarily indicate that the machine that is still an active file server machine. To remove obsolete server entries, use the vos changeaddr command with the -remove argument.


The following command displays the VLDB server entries in the ABC Corporation cell:

   % vos listaddrs




sysid(5), vos(1), vos_changeaddr(1), vos_examine(1), vos_listvldb(1)


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