PRIZE WINNERS for 2005/2006


MSc Degree Prizes

Gavin Keighren Jim Howe Prize AIMSc
Ankur Chopra Xerox Prize

BSc, BEng Degree Prizes

Craig Robertson British Computer Society
Alexander Redstone Jim Howe Prize AI UG
Brian Collins Unilever Prize
Steven Maughan Agilent Prize CSE5
John Turner Sidney Michaelson Prize

Class Medals

William Barker B.Eng. in Software Engineering
Brian Collins B.Sc. in Computer Science
Neil Manson B.Sc. in Computer Science and Management Science
Neil McIntyre B.Eng. in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering
Alexander Redstone B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
Timothy Stirling B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and Psychology

Undergraduate Prizes (years 1-3)

Andrew Angus Agilent Prize CSE3
Benedict Rawcliffe Barclays Capital
Frank Dondelinger British Computer Society
Daniel Brennan Citigroup Prize
Rupert Colchester Citigroup Prize
Toby Crayston Citigroup Prize
Douglas Gresham Citigroup Prize
Neil Kirsopp Citigroup Prize
Adam Lion Citigroup Prize
Clark McKenzie Citigroup Prize
Thomas Singleton Citigroup Prize
Hiu Man Tsang Citigroup Prize
Alexander Wright Citigroup Prize
Christopher Paton Google Prize
Benedict Rawcliffe Google Prize

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