The Hamming Seminars

The theme of the Hamming Seminar series is:

The series is inspired by a famous talk entitled "You and Your Research" by Richard Hamming at a Bell Communications Research Colloquium Seminar in March 1986. Hence the series title. Hamming discusses how to do really significant research with high impact. Of his many invaluable suggestions, asking yourself what are the really important problems is arguably the most valuable.

In each seminar, we will invite one of the research leaders in our School to answer this question. Here are some of the sub-questions.

The Hamming Seminars will be open to all staff and students of the School, plus anyone else interested. The seminars will be held once a month and will consist of a one hour talk followed by 15 mins questions followed by small reception.

Why is this seminar series important? We want everyone in the School to do really significant research. That entails attacking important problems. Identifying problems that are both important, but also timely and feasible, requires a lot of experience. We should draw on all the experience in the School and share it. It is especially useful for new researchers to hear what experienced researchers have to say - even if they disagree with the advice. Usually, these questions are left implicit in talks and papers. It is good to bring them out into the open. The speakers may also benefit from being encouraged to think about these issues.

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