Programme of Seminars on Computational Thinking

A series of seminars about the influence of computational thinking in different  subject areas.

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Seminar organiser: Alan Bundy

Forthcoming Seminars

Date and place
20 March 2013, 4pm
G.07/A Informatics Forum
Andrew Millar
Modelling, Abstraction and Sharing for Biological Clock Systems Systems Biology uses mathematical and computational methods and infrastructure to model complex biological systems. The data required have only become widely available within the past 15 years, thanks to technical advances such as imaging of genetic reporters, and the large-scale "'omics" methods. Theoretical research is now contributing to areas of cell and molecular biology that had relatively neglected modelling, mostly owing to the lack of data. Synthetic Biology aims to use such understanding to manipulate biological processes, cells and organisms. I will discuss the progress we have made in understanding the 24-hour, biological clock using these approaches, and the current challenges for data sharing, modelling and abstraction.

If you have suggestions for further talks, please contact Alan Bundy.

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