International Review of UK ICT Research 2006

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Edinburgh Visit Programme: Thursday 7th December

Programme Overview
Time Location Activity
0800-0850 Old College Breakfast: Strategic Overview
0900-1200 Sanderson Building Posters, Focus Groups
Appleton Tower
1200-1230 Appleton Tower Wrapup
1230-1400 Appleton Tower Buffet Lunch
1300-1800 eScience Centre Alternate Lunch and Afternoon Sessions

The Carlton Highland Hotel and Appleton Tower are both within a few minutes walk of Old College and the eScience Centre, which are, themselves, adjacent; the Sanderson Building is a few minutes drive away at the King's Buildings Campus.


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Old College 0800-0850

Breakfast: Elder Room, Old College, South Bridge, EH8 9YL

Agenda: Strategic Overview of ICT Research at Edinburgh

UoE Attendance:

Following breakfast, the panel will split for parallel visits to School of Engineering and Electronics (Kings Buildings), and School of Informatics (Appleton Tower). The panel will reunite at 1200 for the wrap-up session at Appleton Tower.

Sanderson Building 0900-1200

Posters: Institute for Digital Communications (IDCOM)
Coffee Break
Focus Group: New Academic Staff
Posters: Institute for Micro and Nano Systems (IMNS)

Appleton Tower 0900-1400

Poster Session and Focus Groups will run in parallel, followed by a buffet lunch.

Poster Session Floors 2 & 3

For logistical reasons, Appleton Tower poster and demo presentations will be run in two sessions: 0900-1030 on 3rd floor & 1030-1200 on 2nd floor. Coffee will be available throughout.

Posters will be grouped - with the same groupings used in the datasheets returned to EPSRC.

The schedule below is merely indicative; panel members and others will be free to wander and browse at will. Presenters should not presume that the panel will want to stay a full half-hour with one group; nor should they assume that visitors will not arrive unscheduled. The panel's job is to gather as much information, pertinent to the review, as they can in the time available — not to pursue their personal interest in your research. So don't be offended if they move swiftly on. Conversely, even if they are engrossed in your work, please encourage them to move on, punctually, to the start of their next scheduled stop. You can always invite them to return during the lunch break, or for a future visit. The schedule should ensure that each group is seen by at least two panel members.

ICT Review Appleton Tower 7th December 2006
Location Third Floor Second Floor Room 3.04 3rd Floor
Time 0900 0930 1000 1030 1100 1130 1200 1230
Lorensen ICCS LFCS RA ICSA IPAB SysBio Feedback
Buffet Lunch
Dewey eSi/EPCC Recent Prospekt SysBio PhD ANC
Greenberg Prospekt ICCS CISA IPAB PhD CSTR

3rd Floor Posters 0900-1030 2nd Floor Posters 1030-1200 3rd Floor Feedback & Lunch 1200-1400

Room 3.04: Focus Groups Room 2.01: CSTR

Focus Group Meetings: Room 3.04 Appleton Tower

0930-1000 Focus group: Recent Appointments

1000-1030 Focus group: Research Staff

1100-1130 Focus group: PhD Students

1200-1230 Wrapup Session: Research Leaders


1200-1400 Buffet Lunch: All Welcome

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