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Title:RDFa²: Interleaving Human-Readable and Machine-Readable Data
Authors: Xi Bai ; Ewan Klein ; Dave Robertson
Date:Nov 2010
Publication Type:Internet Publication Publication Status:Other
RDFa is syntactic format that allows RDF data to be easily integrated into XHTML Web pages. Although there are growing number of tools and techniques for generating and distilling RDFa, comparatively little work has been carried out on publishing existing RDF data sets as an XHTML+RDFa serialization. This paper proposes a generic approach to integrating RDF data into Web pages using the concept of an automatically discovered ``topic node''. RDFa² is a proof-of-concept implementation of this approach and provides an on-line service assisting users in generating and personalizing pages with RDFa. We provide experimental results that support the viability of our approach for generating Web documents such as FOAF-based online profiles and vocabularies with little effort.
2010 by The University of Edinburgh. All Rights Reserved
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