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Title:Automatic Guidance for Refinement Based Formal Methods
Authors: Maria Teresa Llano ; Gudmund Grov ; Andrew Ireland
Date:Apr 2010
Publication Title:AFM10 (Automated Formal Methods)
Publication Type:Other Publication Status:Submitted
Refinement is a technique used to model systems at different abstraction levels to handle the complexity of large systems. It is used in many different methods, and independent of the method applied, many users find it difficult to identify the correct level of abstraction and steps of refinements. To achieve a correct refinement, the step has to be justified -- often by formal proof. Such proofs represent an additional challenge, typically requiring a user to understand the relationship between modelling and reasoning. To address these challenges, we introduce the notion of refinement plans, a technique that combines proof and modelling patterns of refinement, with the aim of automatically providing modelling guidance when refinement fails.
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