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Title:Scheduling threads for intra-query parallelism on multicore processors
Authors: Konstantinos Krikellas ; Marcelo Cintra ; Stratis Viglas
Date: 2010
Publication Title:EDBT
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Submitted
Contemporary multicore processors allow for intra-query parallelism during query execution. We study the problem of thread scheduling in the context of multithreaded query evaluation on multicore CPUs. We show that the search space for possible operator execution schedules scales fast, thus forbidding the use of exhaustive techniques. To that end, we model intraquery parallelism on multicore systems and present scheduling heuristics that result in different degrees of schedule optimality and optimization cost. We have implemented the scheduling algorithms and experimentally evaluated their performance using (a) various query plans and metrics, and (b) different hardware setups and parameters. Our results demonstrate that the proposed heuristics-based techniques generate schedules of high quality, while inducing negligible optimization cost.
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