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Title:The Case For Flash-Aware Multi Level Caching
Authors: Ioannis Koltsidas ; Stratis Viglas
Date: 2009
Publication Type:Internet Publication Publication Status:Submitted
The random read efficiency of flash memory, combined with its growing density and dropping price, make it well-suited for use as a read cache. In this paper we explore how a system can use flash memory as a cache layer between the main memory buffer pool and the magnetic disk. We study the problem of deciding which data pages to cache on flash and propose alternatives that serve different purposes. We provide an analytical cost model to decide the optimal caching scheme for any workload, taking into account the physical properties of the flash disk used. We discuss implementation issues such as the effect of the flash disk block size on performance. Our experimental evaluation shows that questions on systems with flash-resident caches cannot be given universal answers that hold across all flash disks and workloads. Rather, our cost model should be applied in each individual case to provide an optimal setup with confidence.
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