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Title:Establishing a Biomedical Virtual Organisation through a Portal: Lessons Learned from HEALTHAGENTS
Authors: Carla Delgado ; Horacio Gonzalez-Velez
Date:May 2008
Publication Title:IST-Africa 2008
Publisher:IIMC International Information Management Corporation
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Published
Page Nos:1-9
HEALTHAGENTS is a trans-European interdisciplinary project for the diagnosis and prognosis of brain tumours through the use of imaging and spectral data with semantic web and agent technologies. The core of the HEALTHAGENTS virtual organisation, the HEALTHAGENTS portal fosters the consortium internal collaboration process. The website accomplishes a repository of data concerning the development and management of the HEALTHAGENTS project as well as a meta-information repository, composed of comments, discussions and other contributions from the HEALTHAGENTS consortium. From a technical perspective, the HEALTHAGENTS portal is a content management system comprising groupware, collaboration, and workflow services. It has also become an effective project management tool and a document publishing system with data provenance. The award for the best IST project website for EC-funded research projects was conferred upon the portal in 2006.
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