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Title:Microarchitectural Design Space Exploration Using An Architecture-Centric Approach
Authors: Christophe Dubach ; Timothy Jones ; Michael O'Boyle
Date:Dec 2007
Publication Title:40th International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO-40)
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Published
The microarchitectural design space of a new processor is too large for an architect to evaluate in its entirety. Even with the use of statistical simulation, evaluation of a single configuration can take excessive time due to the need to run a set of benchmarks with realistic workloads. This paper proposes a novel machine learning model that can quickly and accurately predict the performance and energy consumption of any set of programs on any microarchitectural configuration. This architecture-centric approach uses prior knowledge from off-line training and applies it across benchmarks. This allows our model to predict the performance of any new program across the entire microarchitecture configuration space with just 32 further simulations. We compare our approach to a state-of-the-art programspecific predictor and show that we significantly reduce prediction error. We reduce the average error when predicting performance from 24% to just 7% and increase the correlation coefficient from 0.55 to 0.95. We then show that this predictor can be used to guide the search of the design space, selecting the best configuration for energy-delay in just 3 further simulations, reducing it to 0.85. We also evaluate the cost of off-line learning and show that we can still achieve a high level of accuracy when using just 5 benchmarks to train. Finally, we analyse our design space and show how different microarchitectural parameters can affect the cycles, energy and energy-delay of the architectural configurations.
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