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Title:The Case for Holistic Query Evaluation
Authors: Konstantinos Krikellas ; Marcelo Cintra ; Stratis Viglas
Date: 2007
Publication Title:ICDE 2006
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Submitted
We present the case for holistic query evaluation: a novel model for query processing by generating specific, highly optimized code at runtime, that is then compiled and executed. The model is based on the notion of embedding various query operations in a single nested-loops construct. This leads to a hardware-friendly query representation that can be executed with minimal instruction and data cache accesses and cache miss rates, resulting in greatly improved response times. We have implemented a prototype system adhering to these principles and which includes a substantial collection of query operations. We have conducted a detailed experimental study. We compared our approach to existing database technology, using both response time and hardware performance events as metrics. The results demonstrate a clear performance advantage for our system, exhibiting the potential of adopting the proposed holistic model as the kernel of a database query engine.
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