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Title:Mobile resource guarantees
Authors: Donald Sannella ; Martin Hofmann ; David Aspinall ; Stephen Gilmore ; Ian Stark ; Lennart Beringer ; Hans-Wolfgang Loidl ; Kenneth MacKenzie ; Alberto Momigliano ; Olha Shkaravska
Date: 2007
Publication Title:Trends in Functional Programming
Publication Type:Book Chapter Publication Status:Published
Volume No:6 Page Nos:211-226
The Mobile Resource Guarantees (MRG) project has developed a proof-carrying-code infrastructure for certifying resource bounds of mobile code. Key components of this infrastructure are a certifying compiler for a high-level language, a hierarchy of program logics, tailored for reasoning about resource consumption, and an embedding of the logics into a theorem prover. In this paper, we give an overview of the project's results, discuss the lessons learnt from it and introduce follow-up work in new projects that will build on these results.
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