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Title:The ERGO genome analysis and discovery system
Authors: Ross Overbeek ; Niels Larsen ; Terry Walunas ; Mark D'Souza ; Gordon Pusch ; Evgeny Selkov ; Konstantinos Liolios ; Viktor Joukov ; Denis Kaznadzey ; Iain Anderson ; Anamitra Bhattacharyya ; Henry Burd ; Warren Gardner ; Paul Hanke ; Vinayak Kapatral ; Natalia Mikhailova ; Olga Vasieva ; Andrei Osterman ; Veronika Vonstein ; Michael Fonstein ; Natalia Ivanova ; Nikos Kyrpides
Date:Jan 2003
Publication Title:Nucleic Acids Research
Publisher:Oxford Journals
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:31 Page Nos:164-171
ISBN/ISSN:ISSN 0305-1048
The ERGO ( genome analysis and discovery suite is an integration of biological data from genomics, biochemistry, high-throughput expression profiling, genetics and peer-reviewed journals to achieve a comprehensive analysis of genes and genomes. Far beyond any conventional systems that facilitate functional assignments, ERGO combines pattern-based analysis with comparative genomics by visualizing genes within the context of regulation, expression profiling, phylogenetic clusters, fusion events, networked cellular pathways and chromosomal neighborhoods of other functionally related genes. The result of this multifaceted approach is to provide an extensively curated database of the largest available integration of genomes, with a vast collection of reconstructed cellular pathways spanning all domains of life. Although access to ERGO is provided only under subscription, it is already widely used by the academic community. The current version of the system integrates 500 genomes from all domains of life in various levels of completion, 403 of which are available for subscription.
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