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Title:Designing and Evaluating an Adaptive Spoken Dialogue System.
Authors: Diane Litman ; Shimei Pan
Date:Jun 2002
Publication Title:User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction.
Publisher:Springer Netherlands
Publication Type:Journal Article
Volume No:12 (2/3) Page Nos:111-137
DOI:10.1023/A:1015036910358 ISBN/ISSN:0924-1868
Spoken dialogue system performance can vary widely for different users, as well for the same user during different dialogues. This paper presents the design and evaluation of an adaptive version of TOOT, a spoken dialogue sustem for retrieving online train schedules. Based on rules learned from a set training dialogues, adaptive TOOT constructs a user model representing whether the user is having speech recognition problems as a particular dialogue progresses. Adaptive TOOT then automatically adapts its dialogue strategies based on this dynamically changing user model. An empirical evaluation of the system demonstrates the utility of the approach.
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