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Title:Spoken Versus Typed Human and Computer Dialogue Tutoring
Authors: Diane Litman ; Carolyn P. Rose ; Kate Forbes-Riley ; Kurt VanLehn ; Dumisizwe Bhembe ; Scott Silliman
Date: 2006
Publication Title:International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education
Publication Type:Journal Article
Volume No:16 Page Nos:145-170
While human tutors typically interact with students using spoken dialogue, most computer dialogue tutors are text-based. We have conducted two experiments comparing typed and spoken tutoring dialogues, one in a human-human scenario, and another in a human-computer scenario. In both experiments, we compared spoken versus typed tutoring for learning gains and time on task, and also measured the correlations of learning gains with dialogue features. Our main results are that changing the modality from text to speech caused changes in the learning gains, time and superficial dialogue characteristics of human tutoring, but for computer tutoring it made less difference.
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