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Title:Automated discovery of inductive theorems.
Authors: Roy McCasland ; Alan Bundy ; Serge Autexier
Date:Jul 2007
Publication Title:From Insight to Proof
Publisher:University of Bialystok
Publication Type:Book Chapter Publication Status:Published
Volume No:10(23) Page Nos:135-150
Inductive mathematical theorems have, as a rule, historically been quite difficult to prove - both for mathematics students and for automated theorem provers. That said, there has been considerable progress over the past several years, within the automated reasoning community, towards proving some of these theorems. However, little work has been done thus far towards automatically discovering them. In this paper we present our methods of discovering (as well as proving) inductive theorems, within an automated system. These methods have been tested over the natural numbers, with regards to addition and multiplication, as well as to exponents of group elements.
2007 by The University of Bialystok. All Rights Reserved
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