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Title:Poisson image editing
Authors: P Perez ; M Gangnet ; Andrew Blake
Date: 2003
Publication Title:ACM Transactions on Graphics (Siggraph)
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Volume No:22 (3) Page Nos:313-318
DOI:10.1145/1201775.882269 ISBN/ISSN:0730-0301
Using generic interpolation machinery based on solving Poisson equations, a variety of novel tools are introduced for seamless editing of image regions. The first set of tools permits the seamless importation of both opaque and transparent source image regions into a destination region. The second set is based on similar mathematical ideas and allows the user to modify the appearance of the image seamlessly, within a selected region. These changes can be arranged to affect the texture, the illumination, and the color of objects lying in the region, or to make tileable a rectangular selection.
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