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Title:On pseudorandom generators in NC^0
Authors: Mary Cryan ; Peter Bro Miltersen
Date:Sep 2001
Publication Title:Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Publication Type:Book Chapter Publication Status:Published
Volume No:2136 Page Nos:272-284
In this paper we consider the question of whether NC^0 circuits can generate pseudorandom distributions. While we leave the general question unanswered, we show: - Generators computed by NC^0 circuits where each output bit depends on at most 3 input bits (i.e, NC^0_3 circuits) and with stretch factor greater than 4 are not pseudorandom. - A large class of "non-problematic"' NC^0 generators with superlinear stretch (including all NC^0_3 generators with superlinear stretch) are broken by a statistical test based on a linear dependency test combined with a pairwise independence test. - There is an NC^0_4 generator with a super-linear stretch that passes the linear dependency test as well as k-wise independence tests, for any constant k.
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