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Title:Dependable Grid Services
Authors: Stuart Anderson ; Yin Chen ; Glen Dobson ; Stephen Hall ; Conrad Hughes ; Yong Li ; Sheng Qu ; Edmund Smith ; Ian Sommerville ; Tie Jun Ma
Date:Sep 2003
Publication Title:UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2003
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Published
Page Nos:59-65
The provision of dependable computer systems by deploying diverse, redundant components in order to mask or provide recovery from component failures has mostly been restricted to systems with very high criticality. In this paper we present an architecture and prototype implementation of an approach to providing such redundancy at low cost in service-based infrastructures. In particular we consider services that are supplied by composing a number of component services and consider how service discovery, automatic monitoring and failure detection have the potential to create composed services that are more dependable than might be possible using a straightforward approach. The work is still in its early stages and so far no evaluation of the approach has been carried out.
EPSRC 2003
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