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Authors: Mark Hartswood ; Conrad Hughes ; Stuart Anderson
Date:Sep 2007
Publisher:CRISP Project (NHS)
Publication Type:Software Publication Status:Other
CRISP is a data sharing project for which we have built a system which shares live research project metadata between NHS R&D and two external research organisations (Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility and Scottish Cancer Research Network). Focusing on the process of keeping the various participants in research collaborations up-to-date on project proposals, approvals, grants, contacts, etc., our goal was to replace the old error-prone and time consuming manual methods (email, fax, telephone, post) with a new automated system, while minimising technical disruption and fostering trust and communication between participants. This was done using Harmony, cutting edge research software developed by Benjamin Pierce et al. (and historically connected to Edinburgh). Harmony allowed us to integrate the organisations' pre-existing diversely implemented databases, enabling them to update each other while maintaining each organisation's unique database structure. The users' role was preeminent in this project, both in terms of our soliciting their input during the cyclical development process, and in our overarching goal of creating a system which encourages communication and trust-building between distant research partners. This can be seen, for example, in the way that those most expert in a particualr area of project metadata can take responsibility for it without denying access to others.
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