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Authors: Conrad Hughes ; Stuart Anderson
Date:Jan 2005
Publication Title:Sourceforge (
Publisher:Open source on sourceforge
Publication Type:Software Publication Status:Published
Agrajag is a calculator which operates on numerical distributions instead of just numbers. It allows you to compute with variable inputs and get an idea of the variation of the result of your calculation. In particular, this is intended to allow nuanced answers to questions about the behaviour of workflows constructed from services with known, but variable, behaviour. Questions might include "How much of the time will this workflow complete in under five minutes?" "How often will it fail?" "What component of the workflow is making the greatest contribution to its failure rate?". In large or complex workflows the answers to these questions are not obvious. A number of projects have been built on top of Agrajag, including the Dependable Infrastructure for Grid Services project, now Dependable Service-Centric Computing, CompCost, a tool for interactive workflow optimisation, and a postgraduate thesis developing an alternative to Agrajag, trading lower accuracy for better performance.
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