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Title:RAGs: A Novel Approach to Computerized Genetic Risk Assessment and Decision Support from Pedigrees.
Authors: Andrew Coulson ; David Glasspool ; John Fox ; Jon Emery
Date: 2001
Publication Title:Methods of Information in Medicine
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:40 Page Nos:315-322
Few general practitioners feel confident about making preliminary genetic risk evaluations of patients on the basis of family history data. A new computer application, RAGs (Risk Assessment in Genetics), has been developed to help doctors create graphical family trees and assess the genetic risk of breast and colorectal cancer. RAGs possesses two features that distinguish it from similar software: (i) a user-centred design, which takes into account the requirements of the doctor-patient encounter; (ii) effective and accessible risk reporting by employing qualitative evidence for or against increased risk, which is more easily understood than numerical probabilities. The system allows any rule-based genetic risk guideline to be implemented, and may be readily modified to cater for the varying degrees of information required by different specialists.
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