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Title:Adapting a relation extraction pipeline for the BioCreAtIvE II task
Authors: Claire Grover ; Barry Haddow ; Ewan Klein ; Michael Matthews ; Leif Neilson ; Richard Tobin ; Xinglong Wang
Date:May 2007
Publication Title:Proceedings of the BioCreAtIvE 2 Workshop 2007
Publisher:CNIO Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncologicas
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Published
Volume No:1 Page Nos:273-286
The Second BioCreAtIvE Challenge provided an ideal opportunity to evaluate biomedical nlp techniques. Prior to the Challenge, an information extraction pipeline was developed to extract entities and relations relevant to the biomedical domain, and to normalise the entities to appropriate ontologies. With minimal effort, the pipeline was adapted to work with the BioCreAtIvE data and achieved results that appear competitive with existing state-of-the-art systems.
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