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Title:HTS version 2.0
Authors: Keiichi Tokuda ; Zen Heiga ; Junichi Yamagishi ; Masuko Takashi ; Shinji Sako ; Black Alan ; Nose Takashi
Date:Dec 2006
Publication Title:Open-source software toolkit
Publisher:Nagoya Institute of Technology / Tokyo Institute of Techno
Publication Type:Software Publication Status:Other
Over the last few years, a statistical parametric speech synthesis system based on hidden Markov models (HMMs) has grown in popularity. Since December 2002, we have publicly released an open-source software toolkit named HMM-based speech synthesis system (HTS) to provide a research and development platform for speech synthesis community. Currently various organizations use it to conduct their own research projects. This system has over 4000 downloads worldwide.New features of this version are speaker adaptation and related techniques which I developed in the past study.
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