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Title:On the Quality of Service of Crash-Recovery Failure Detectors
Authors: Tie Jun Ma ; Jane Hillston ; Stuart Anderson
Date:Jun 2007
Publication Title:2007 International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN 2007)
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Published
In this paper, we study and model a crash-recovery target and its failure detector s probabilistic behavior. We extend Quality of Service (QoS) metrics to measure the recovery detection speed and the proportion of the detected failures of a crash-recovery failure detector. Then the impact of the dependability of the crash-recovery target on the QoS bounds for such a crash-recovery failure detector is analysed by adopting general dependability metrics such as MTTF and MTTR. In addition, we analyse how to estimate the failure detector s parameters to achieve the QoS from a requirement based on Chen s NFD-S algorithm. We also demonstrate how to execute the configuration procedure of this crash-recovery failure detector. The simulations are based on the revised NFD-S algorithm with various MTTF and MTTR. The simulation results show that the dependability of a recoverable monitored target could have significant impact on the QoS of such a failure detector and match our analysis results.
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